• New Embassy Compound, Belgrade, Serbia
  • New Embassy Compound, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
  • Eisenhower Barracks Renovation

What will energy and sustainability mean now?

In the face of a new administration following the U.S. Presidential election, I’ve seen letters and posts from many organizations lamenting the end of sustainability and renewable energy. I can’t say I’m not concerned, but it’s worth pointing out a few facts and trends that will hold true regardless of who is in the White House … Read More »

Announcing Security Design Services

Mason & Hanger announces the creation of Security Design Services Group with a dedicated team in this area of expertise. As a provider of innovative design, architecture and engineering solutions, Mason & Hanger will focus on accelerating security design services for a variety of mission-driven building types in support of National Security for the U.S. Government. Take a look at our Security Design Services


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