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Our teams have served the federal government on thousands of projects, in 48 states and 164 countries.

Mason & Hanger, a Day & Zimmermann Company, is dedicated to providing architectural and engineering services, specializing in the worldwide design of secure, mission-driven facilities, proudly serving as a partner to the United States Government for nearly two centuries. 


Mission-Driven Facilities
» Command and control centers
» Embassies and consulates
» Communication facilities
» Data centers
» Headquarter facilities
» Secure office buildings 
» Training facilities
» Shooting ranges
» SOF mission facilities
» Aviation pavements and systems
» Military planning
» Blast/explosives
» Munitions/weapons

Energy & Sustainability Services
» Energy auditing/modeling
» Performance contracting consulting
» Commissioning and retrocommissioning
» Building sciences
» Renewable energy systems
» Sustainability management and LEED services
» Building envelop services
» New zero energy and water

Security Design Services
» Physical and technical security
» Energy security and resiliency
» Security consulting and assessment
» Blast design and mitigation
» Mitigation for other threats
» Holistic security design
» Specialty facilities